Lara Gates







Executive Director

Lara Gates has been with NATAS since 2012 when she took the reins just in time for the Call for Entries. Prior to joining NATAS, Gates was Managing Editor of a weekly news and events magazine in North Phoenix. This departure to print came after a long career in Television News and Production.

Gates began her career in Washington, DC as an Editor and Project Manager. She went on to produce a weekly business magazine from DC that aired in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Denver and Boston. After covering business from the inside for five years, Gates kicked off a news-for-the-web video project for The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in Upper Marlboro, MD. This project allowed her to produce and report from all across the country, wherever labor issues were being debated. While at IAMAW Gates helped produce “Everyday Heroes,” a documentary about ground-zero workers in 2001.

In 2002 Gates and her husband moved to Spokane, Washington where she joined the local newsroom at KXLY. As Special Projects Producer, she produced an in-depth, hour-long primetime documentary on a Spokane Mayoral scandal, a behind the scenes look at Broadway’s “The Lion King,” local “Extreme Team” makeover programs and a 90-minute, live special to kick off US Figure Skating Championships in Spokane. Before leaving KXLY, Gates was the Executive Producer of Good Morning Northwest, the morning news from 4:30-7 a.m. daily.

When she’s not working with members of RMSW NATAS, Gates practices yoga and enjoys cooking, knitting and spending time with her sons and beagle.

NATAS members can reach Lara at or 602-345-1532.